New houses with panoramic views of the sea and the Puig Campana mountain
Ref. FINE7272

Basic features

m<sup>2</sup> plot
402 m2 plot
m<sup>2</sup> housing
137 m2 housing
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Distance to the sea
6 km
Garage / Parking
Garage / Parking

Other features

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Private Pool
Laundry Room / Pantry
Air Conditioning
Dressing Room
Double Glazing
Home Automation

New houses with panoramic views of the sea and the Puig Campana mountain

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This is a unique project of high quality individual villas. Here, your views will not be distracted by the tops of buildings or compact apartments. A privileged surrounding and a good international neighbourhood are included for life. Villa of 137 m2 with 402 m2 plot and private swimming pool. Wide and bright house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The modern style of decoration comes with stone and wood elements. You have lots of options to personalize your villa, as always in SaliSol developments. Just buy one in time! Open space and floor – to - ceiling windows on the ground floor ensures that you will have a bit of sun in your house at all times of the day! It creates a spectacular place to work, watch a movie or to just chill out. Open kitchen is delivered with modern furniture and practical distribution. The surface of the ground floor is 70,3 m2 with almost 36 m2 distributed for the living room, dining room and kitchen. Combination of wood and natural stone makes the house modern and rustic at the same time. Big windows bring a fresh sea breeze through the flourishing garden and pool. All these elements make the villa special and cheerful. The upstairs solarium has 360° views of the sea and the mountains. The first floor also has an optional terrace, which can be turned into whatever you want.
Plans of the property
The owner has not provided floor plans of the property.
Energy certificate
The owner has not provided information on the energy certificate.
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