Living in Benidorm

What to see and do in Benidorm?

Where is Benidorm?

Benidorm is located by the Mediterranean Sea, 40 minutes north of the city of Alicante (Valencian Community) and El Altet Airport. It is the most well-known holiday destination on the Spanish Levante, and therefore is considered the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca.

It borders to the north with La Nucía, Alfaz del Pi, Polop de la Marina, and Benimantell, inland, and to the south with Finestrat and very close to Villajoyosa. In an area of 39 km2, it has 5 kilometers of coastline where its two large urban beaches of fine sand stand out.

Benidorm has over 69,000 registered inhabitants, although it can reach 400,000 in the summer. Its distinctive skyline has earned it the nickname of the "New York of the Mediterranean," being the city with the highest density of skyscrapers in the world, second only to the Manhattan district.


Why live in Benidorm?

Why live in Benidorm?

The eternal summer

Do you want to live on vacation all year round? Benidorm is your place. The atmosphere, the climate, the sun and the beach come together in this city practically during the twelve months.

Although in summer it is at its peak, Benidorm has a large number of year-round residents, both local and international, making the city a multicultural environment.

Leisure for all ages

If there is one thing Benidorm has, it is a wide range of leisure activities for children, young and old.

In addition to its beaches, the city has all kinds of entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, golf, amusement parks, nautical activities and pubs and nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife.

The weather in Benidorm. Weather, beach, nature

The weather in Benidorm. Weather, beach, nature

Benidorm enjoys a microclimate characterized by its location between mountains, with an average annual temperature of 21.5ºC with a minimum of 8ºC and a maximum of 29ºC in August, so you will enjoy mild winters and warm summers.

The sea water temperature in Benidorm ranges from 14°C in winter to 26°C in summer. As in all the Costa Blanca, you also enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

This, together with the immense urban beaches, the beauty of the mountains and its underwater routes, make Benidorm a place with special charm.

Gastronomy in Benidorm

The gastronomy of Benidorm is mainly represented by the rice with red mullet and pumpkin, rice with anchovies and spinach, fish casserole poor style, and pebrot.

In the confectionery of Benidorm occupy a prominent place their stuffed cakes, their sweet potato pastries or their San Blas bun. Also, in Benidorm there are numerous restaurants offering both national and international cuisine.

Golf in Benidorm

Golf in Benidorm

If you are a golf fan, you will find in Benidorm several golf courses to practice such as Benidorm Golf Club, Las Rejas Golf or Villaitana Golf.

It also has a wide range of water activities, underwater routes such as the Mal Pas Route or the Route of the Arches, all kinds of water sports and even water skiing.

Wide range of sports

Benidorm has several sports facilities such as the Guillermo Amor Sports City, with an athletics track, soccer field, Olympic swimming pool, multi-sports courts and fronton courts.

In addition, the Palau d'Esports l'Illa de Benidorm has a capacity for 4,000 spectators and a playing surface of 3,500m2 for basketball, handball and indoor soccer.

What to see in Benidorm?

Benidorm Beaches

Benidorm's coastline is characterized by its two large urban beaches with Blue Flag of white sand and great water quality. These are the well-known Levante and Poniente beaches that border the city: safe beaches, with clean and shallow waters, ideal to enjoy with the whole family.

On the other hand, if you prefer to find small hidden corners to take a swim, visit the Mal Pas Beach, awarded with the Blue Flag, or the coves of Tío Ximo and La Almadrava.

All of them with crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling or diving and, of course, with the panoramic view of the islet in front of Benidorm known as Isla de los Periodistas or l'Illa de Benidorm.

Benidorm Beaches

Mirador del Castillo

If you have seen any postcard of Benidorm, no doubt one of its protagonists was the Mirador del Castillo, one of the most photographed points and an indispensable place in the walks through the city.

This viewpoint is located where the old fortress of the city was located, which defended it from possible attacks by sea and is located on a rocky outcrop between the beaches of Levante and Poniente.

It is also known as the Balcony of the Mediterranean, because of its location and thanks to the fantastic panoramic view that can be glimpsed across the sea next to the bay of the city. Not to be missed.

Mirador del Castillo

Promenade in Benidorm

In the walks along the beaches of Benidorm you can not miss the promenade of the Poniente Beach.

It is an urban promenade that borders one of the two most important beaches of the municipality and tries to unite the natural beauty of the coast with the city in a harmonious way.

Its artistic exhibitions of sculptures and monuments, also make it an open-air museum a few meters from the sea.

A beautiful area to enjoy relaxing both in the sunlight and in the twilight, thanks to the unique charm of its night lighting.

Promenade in Benidorm

Serra Gelada Natural Park

The Natural Park of the Serra Gelada, or the Sierra Helada, in Spanish, is an exceptional place formed by this mountain located between Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi and Altea and the coastal ecosystem of great environmental and ecological value.

From the mountain you can enjoy incredible views of the sea while walking along its trails. You can make the route that goes from the Cala del Tío Ximo to the Torre de les Caletes: a watchtower five centuries old that served to defend the city from pirates.

It is a simple and accessible route, as it is done through a paved road without traffic, so it can also be done with a cart or wheelchair.

Serra Gelada Natural Park

Cultural Heritage and Museums of Benidorm

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Of its archaeological heritage highlights the Torre de Morales or Escaletes and the Torre de Punta del Cavall or Seguró (XVI century). Currently the ruins of these watchtowers are preserved.

Benidorm has several museums, among which stand out:

  • Huerto de Colón. It was built in 1885 by Vicente Zaragoza Ortuño, captain of the Spanish Navy, which commanded the largest ship of this, called 'Columbus'.

  • Boca del Calvari Museum. It is located in the old seat of the Town hall of Benidorm and in it the history of the city is disclosed, from its first settlers up to the Benidorm of the second half of the 20th century.

  • Maritime Cultural Center. This museum of the sea has an exhibition of naval models and nautical and fishing motifs.
Cultural Heritage and Museums of Benidorm

Fiestas in Benidorm

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The festive calendar of Benidorm extends throughout the year, highlighting the following festivities and celebrations:

  • Bonfires of San Juan. Every night of June 24, Benidorm residents gather on the Levante and Poniente beaches to celebrate the Night of San Juan with bonfires and water jumps.

  • Moors and Christians Festivities. At the beginning of October these celebrations take place, among which the parades with their timpani, shawms and the incessant noise of gunpowder stand out.

  • Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Virgen del Sufragio and San Jaime Apóstol. From the second weekend of November until the following Wednesday there is a succession of recreational events such as the Parade of Humor with more religious events such as the staging of the Finding of the Patron Saint of Benidorm that is recreated on the Poniente beach, processions, and others.
Fiestas in Benidorm

How to get to Benidorm?


By road

Benidorm is located next to the AP-7 highway that runs along the Mediterranean, specifically connected by exits 65, Levante and 65A, Poniente - Terra Mítica. It can also be accessed from the national road N-332 that runs through all the coastal towns of the Spanish Levante.


Flights to Benidorm. By plane

Benidorm is located 40 minutes by highway from the International Airport of Alicante-Elche, in El Altet, from where flights depart from all over the peninsula and multiple destinations abroad.


By sea

If you come by boat to Benidorm you have the Port and Yacht Club of Benidorm, with 110 moorings for boats up to 7 meters in length located in the heart of the city, between the Poniente beach and Mal Pas beach. From here you can go on various maritime excursions, rent boats and do water activities.


By public transportation

Benidorm is served by several bus lines from all parts of Spain as well as the airport. The nearest train station is in Alicante, about 40 minutes away, which connects the city with the main capitals. Benidorm also has a TRAM stop on its line 1, the Alicante tramway that runs through all the cities of the Alicante coast from the capital to Denia.

Official websites with more information about Benidorm:

Benidorm Tourism

Benidorm City Council

Real Estate in Benidorm

Real Estate in Benidorm

The Esphouses offices closest to Benidorm are located in its real estate agency in Altea, at number 2, Calle Raspall.

Properties for sale in Benidorm

In Esphouses you have available a wide range of properties for sale in all areas, beaches and urbanizations of Benidorm. We have apartments and apartments for sale; houses, chalets and villas; bungalows and townhouses; land and plots: etc.

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