Villa in Calasparra
Ref. CALA0003

Basic features

m<sup>2</sup> plot
545 m2 plot
m<sup>2</sup> housing
118 m2 housing
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

Other features

Private pool

Villa in Calasparra

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A unique destination in one of the most desirable areas of northwestern Murcia, in a privileged natural environment between three mountain ranges, Sierra del Molino, Sierra de San Miguel and Sierra del Puertoin perfect balance with nature. A housing proposal focused on sustainability and the environment, on architectural and scenic beauty. The setting for VEGA HILLS VILLAGE is a huge and emblematic plot located northwest of Murcia, near the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Esperanza, the Archaeological Museum of Calasparra, the Casa Granero del Conde del Valle de San Juan, the fountain of the Arrocero -man, the Rice Museum, the Clock Tower, the Predimiento Park, the Caves del Puerto, the Villa Vieja archaeological site, Almadenes Canyon, Las Lomas viewpoint, the rice fields, groves and riverine forests of the Cañaverosa (Nature Reserve), the San Juan Castle of Calasparra, etc. Calasparra is a town in the Northwest region, with an area of ​​184.90 km2 and an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Belonging to the Region of Murcia. Here you can enjoy historical heritage, museums, nature and gastronomy. Calasparra is also known for its rice, it has a designation of origin.
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The owner has not provided information on the energy certificate.
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Calasparra, Murcia
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