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Foreign Buyers in Costa Blanca - Know Their Profile


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In recent times, the demand for properties in Costa Blanca by Foreign buyers is increasing rapidly. For instance, the Spanish Property Registry reported that foreign buyers bought 12.6% of properties sold in 2018.

Even though there's uncertainty due to Brexit, more international buyers invest in Costa Blanca's properties.

If you are a foreigner who's visiting Costa Blanca for the first time, you will be motivated to buy a property in the coastal area because of its excellent quality of life, weather, superb air connection with Spain's origin, etc.

With some of these features, most tourists won't hesitate to invest in beautiful Costa Blanca's properties as vacation homes. Interestingly, most properties in the coastal area (especially North of Costa Blanca) could rapidly increase their value within a short while.

So, if you are looking for investors to buy your properties in this coastal area, here are some foreign home buyers' profiles. Once you understand these profiles, you can comfortably sell properties to them based on their buying motivation.

English Residence Buyers

English residence buyers are common real estate buyers in Costa Blanca. They are retired men and women ( in their sixties) who want to have a peaceful post-retirement life.

Most times, they are couples with average purchasing power. And their annual income is about 35000 euros or above.

The English residence buyers have children and sometimes grandchildren. Interestingly, their buying motivations are Costa Blanca's calmed atmosphere, excellent weather, good air connection, and good medical services.

Belgian Home Buyers

The Belgian home buyers are popular in the Spanish real estate market. They are men and women in their fifties. Most times, these buyers have higher education and are top executives of companies.

Interestingly, Belgian home buyers have an annual income of about 60000 euros and above. They are couples with children and possibly grandchildren. They love outdoor activities and prefer eating out.

Most times, these buyers are motivated by Costa Blanca's weather, proximity to the sea, and the excellent services they get.

Russian Home Buyers

Russian Buyers are usually couples between thirty and forty-five years old. They are luxury buyers with higher education with children. Of course, they are business class buyers with an annual salary of above 80,000 euros.

Interestingly, the Russian buyers' primary motives for acquiring a property in Costa Blanca are their love for the beach, shopping, good quality life, excursions, and water sports. No incentive pleases a Russian home buyer better than acquiring a residence permit.

Scandinavian Home Buyers

The Scandinavian home buyers have a high purchasing power. They are usually couples between 45 and 70 years old, and their annual income is above 90,000 euros.

These Scandinavian retirees are looking for a fantastic coastal area like Costa Blanca with a healthy and sunny climate. They love luxury and are passionate about spending their post-retirement years having fun and playing outdoor games like hiking, golf, cycling, etc.

They don't like stress and want to relax by the beach and have easy access to flight whenever they go back to their home countries.

German Home Buyers

Usually, a German home buyer is a couple with children. They are in their 40s but have a high purchasing power. Most times, these categories of buyers are top-notch business executives.

An average German home buyer's buying motivations are Costa Blanca's good weather, security, and the Mediterranean cuisine and diet.

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