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What is the best sun exposure for a house in Spain?


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When we are going to buy a house in Spain, we usually look at details such as location, surface area, condition and price. But often we do not take into account the solar exposure of the house. This affects the number of hours of sunshine that the house receives and also the energy savings that this entails.

Below, we explain each orientation.

North facing. If the house faces north, the sun will only shine in summer, in the early morning and late afternoon. The rest of the year you will not enjoy the sun's rays but you will be able to have a sufficiently luminous house if it has the reflection of another building or a very open space.

North-east facing. The sun will be shining until approximately midday most of the year, except in winter.

East facing. Sunlight will hit all year round, from sunrise to midday. It is the ideal option for starting the day with a sunny house. 

South-east facing. With this orientation, the sun will hit the house more during the winter months. Specifically, it will do so from midday until a good part of the afternoon. During the rest of the year, it will be less intense.

South facing. During winter, spring and autumn, the sun will shine all day long. In summer, it will only do so during the central hours of the day.

South-west facing. The sun will hit for most of the day in winter and from midday to dusk during the rest of the year.

West facing. The house will get sunlight from noon to dusk.

North-west facing. From spring to autumn, the sun will shine throughout the afternoon, until sunset. In winter, the sun will shine only in the late afternoon.

When you visit a house with ESPHOUSES, ask our expert about the solar exposure of the property. This will help you think about how to combine the hours of sunshine with your lifestyle.

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